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Chocolate Diamonds®

Chocolate Diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world. Learn more about how they came to be the staple of the LeVian family

Chocolate Diamonds ®

The Sweetest Natural Color Diamond

Inspired by their history as guardians of the royal jewels, Le Vian became fascinated by the natural color brown diamonds from Australia, which were long perceived by jewelers as lower quality. While it is true that there exists a high percentage of low clarity/ poor color brown diamonds, there is a small percentage, less than 5%, which are, in actuality, more beautiful and rarer than their colorless white counterpart; in fact, 10,000 times rarer.

It is this select group of diamonds that enticed Le Vian who recognized the value and rarity of the higher color and clarity natural brown diamonds which were unfairly grouped with the lower quality stones thus resulting in lower pricing. It is no surprise that Le Vian was the first to appreciate and pave the way for natural color brown diamonds. Le Vian's commitment to the consumer is its creativity and its passion, a culture of innovation that was established long before, a desire to provide original designs that offer its clients a variety of choices in which to find their own unique look.

Le Vian initiated the “Chocolate Diamonds®” brand in the year 2000, when it first introduced its unique brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds to the public. Le Vian's objective with naming its selection of brown diamonds was to help differentiate from the lower quality stones. The company's purpose in obtaining a registered trademark was to assure consumers that Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are the higher quality stones. Chocolate Diamonds® are procured through strict standards: come primarily from Australia, are the top 5% of the higher quality natural color brown diamonds, range from C4-C7 on Argyle Diamond's color scale. Stones larger than 20 points are the top 5% of that. Additionally, while most of the world's brown diamonds have visible inclusions, Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are chosen for their color, clarity and cut.

By 2009 the US Office of Patent and Trademarks, concurred with Le Vian, that Chocolate Diamonds® had achieved distinctiveness as a brand of Le Vian. By 2014, the brand became incontestable. Today, Le Vian® holds the registered trademark for Chocolate Diamonds® in over 100 countries around the world, spanning the Americas, the European Union, China, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

While it is true that Chocolate Diamonds® exhibit a unique chocolate flavor, the brand identity was inspired by Eddie LeVian's own craving for chocolate (the food) which he acquired through a friend who introduced him to the delicious world of gourmet organic artisan dark chocolate. Aside from the delicious flavor of the finest chocolate, LeVian was intrigued by the magical qualities and health benefits of chocolate as well as others who desired chocolate, connoisseurs of chocolate with their deep appreciation of the splendor, flavor and intensity of the most delicious chocolates in the world. "I became a proud chocoholic!" tells LeVian.

It is LeVian's personal experience and understanding of the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate (the food), the obsession to chocolates that millions, most likely billions, around the world enjoy, that inspired the brand name, Chocolate Diamonds®, chosen to represent the same emotional connection and passion that a chocolate enthusiast possesses.

With a little creative enticement from chocolate lovers everywhere, Le Vian is changing the public's perception of this stunning natural color diamond, to arouse that same passion and addictiveness that collectors already experience with Le Vian's original collections.

Today, the brand continues to rise in popularity as Le Vian's million strong collectors, from royalty to celebrities to socialites and everyday people, who own a Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® design and have started to appreciate the newest innovative combinations of colors of diamonds, gems and gold in vastly differentiated designs.

The consumer has shown its understanding of the rarity of these fancy color diamonds by bidding up the prices three-fold in 15 years. While that means that the top red and pink diamonds now go for as much as $3 million a carat, it still means that you can get a Chocolate Diamond® solitaire that is thousands of times rarer than a white diamond, for a fraction of the price.

Le Vian has also won the acceptance of Hollywood stars who have welcomed the originality of Chocolate Diamonds® looks as a unique way to define themselves on the red carpet. While it is common industry practice to compensate celebs for placements, Le Vian does not pay or gift celebrities to wear their jewelry. Therefore, when a celebrity chooses to wear a Le Vian piece it is because they like the item.

Since its inception, Le Vian has invested significant time and effort in new product development, creating hundreds of thousands of original new styles with Chocolate Diamonds® and reinventing several categories of fine jewelry by combining the colors of the diamonds, gems and gold into differentiated collections. Today, the company has an extensive distribution network of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® which includes department stores, specialty stores,

and luxury independent retailers which has enabled Le Vian to spread the sweetness of the original, affordable, and differentiated Chocolate Diamonds® designs to the masses in the U.S. and internationally, resulting in Le Vian® Chocoholics all around the world. Le Vian's Chocolate Diamonds® offer consumers a more reachable path into the world of natural color diamonds. Over time, a Chocolate Diamonds® consumer may graduate to the rarer varieties of natural color diamonds including yellows, greens, blues and pinks.


Natural fancy color brown diamonds are available from light to dark brown, in many hues and clarities. Chocolate Diamonds® are Le Vian®'s original brand of natural fancy color diamonds that are selected for their rich chocolatey flavor, and sold exclusively by Le Vian®.

  • In the year 2000, Le Vian® initiated a campaign to brand Chocolate Diamonds® in order to distinguish them as high quality and separate them from the lower clarity, poor color diamonds. Le Vian® is the originator of Chocolate Diamonds® and holds the registered trademark in countries all over the world.
  • To be branded as Chocolate Diamonds®, these rare and natural beauties need to rate between C4-C7 on the color chart, have a clarity of SI1 or better, have a specific hue, be within the top 5% of the production, and sourced by Le Vian®. Chocolate Diamonds® of 20 points or larger are 10,000 times rarer than white diamonds.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® of ½ carat or larger are laser inscribed with the Chocolate Diamonds® brand on the girdle.
  • The color of Chocolate Diamonds® is determined by the tremendous pressure they receive deep within the earth.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® have been the most affordable natural fancy colored diamonds, their earth- toned color is wearable every day. However, the larger gems have been fetching record prices by collectors.
  • Le Vian® revolutionized fine jewelry by combining the flavors of diamonds, gems and gold in new ways, using its proprietary black rhodium within unique original designs.
  • Chocolate Diamonds® are mainly found in one mine in the world, the Argyle mine in Australia.


The strength of color is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural color diamond which increases with the intensity of the most prominent color within the diamond.

The Argyle Diamond's C1 to C7 color scale below remains the most used scale for brown diamonds today.

Chocolate Diamonds®